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Frankfurt Hall


32 square meters VIP private room, independent outdoor terrace, can accommodate up to 8 people for meetings and dining. The history of Frankfurt can be traced back to around the first year of AD. It is not only a historical city full of rich cultural traditions, but also a prosperous modern commercial city, reputed as "Manhattan on the Rhine". Our design of Frank hall reflects the perfect combination of old and new in this city,it emphasizes how to create a modern asmosphrere by using ancient elements emphasizes the use of ancient elements to create a modern atmosphere.
The Frankfurt city badge hangs in the center of the room. The surrounding walls are decorated with badges from the old aristocratic family of Frankfurt.
The oil painting depicts leisurely rural life by the riverside of the Rhine, with the Old Town of Frankfurt looming in the distance across the river. The typical German wooden architectural style in the painting is matched with the spire of the stone church, which makes the viewer seem to return to Europe in the 18th century.