Villa Castanea Dark beer
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Villa Castanea Dark beer


Original wort concentration:12-13.8P
Alcohol content:4.4-5.4%vol.
Production area: Munich, Germany
The raw materials of the Castanea Villa dark beer are also carefully selected. The brewing process is strictly in accordance with the 1516 "Munich Beer Recipe Regulations". In addition to using pilsner wheat as the main raw material, black malt and caramel malt are also included. It has a distinct malt burnt aroma and a mellow taste with a slight coffee taste. It is the first choice for men. If eaten with meat food, it can also play a role in removing greasy.
"Munich Beer Recipe Regulations": The oldest food law in the world. It stipulates that only wheat, hops and water can be used in beer production.
Pilsner Wheat: A type of wheat known for making pilsner beer. It originates from the Czech city of Pilsen. Pilsner beer is also brewed with the more bitter hops of the lower fermentation method.
Caramel and Caramel Malt: At 90-105 degrees Celsius this malt will develop a special color and aroma, melanoidin.