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Bavarian Hall


77 square meters VIP private room, which can accommodate up to 30 people for meetings and meals, with an attached independent outdoor terrace (the unique German-style spire shape brings comfortable atmosphere and it makes people feel the good sense of space and lighting, and can be used for 30-person meetings, cold meals, BBQ, baby banquets and other different activities. Bavaria-The state is located in the southeastern part of Germany, and Bavaria comes from Bayuwaren. It is the name given to the place by the Romans when the Roman Empire ruled the area, which shows the long history and culture here. Our Bavaria Room uses high-quality wood as wall decoration, which is intended to show its low-key aristocratic temperament. The oil painting in the center is the famous Neuschwanstein Castle in Bayern, the "dream castle" of King Ludwig II of Bavaria, which inspired many modern fairy tales. The oil paintings hanging on both sides of the fireplace is based on the beauty around the castle.