Opened on September 3, 2010.
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Meaning of the English name “Villa Castanea”Castanea:The linden tree (known as the chestnut tree in Chinese, and also called Suoluo in the south) is said to have been planted in large beer manors in Germany in the 16th century. Castanea trees are big and wide, they can use their branches and thick leaves to provide shades and keep temperature for beer cellar, so it is suitable to build a beer cellar underground; at the same time, the trunk of the Castanea trees is suitable for making beer barrels for storage of beer. After hundreds of years, the Castanea tree has now become an indispensable part of the German beer culture, and has evolved into an important symbol of German beer culture. There are 34 Castanea trees in total planted in the Villa Castanea. They bloom and yield fruit every year, growing taller and more prosperous. Overlooking the Fragrant Hills, it continues the cultural friendship between China and Germany, contributes to the cultural exchanges between China and Germany.
Villa Castanea is located between Jade Spring Hill and the Fragrant Hills, about 5 minute-drive from the west gate of the Summer Palace, and all the details are the joint efforts of the Chinese and German teams; the garden-style building of Villa Castanea is led by the famous German designer Mr. Jens Weber. The German design team even took a year just for the draft of Villa Castanea. Just like the personalities of the Chinese and German, conscientious and romantic, which mirror each other and complement each other. The place is decorated with original German furnishings are traditional and exquisite, elegant-looking and natural. The Sino-German team went to Europe and shipped them to Beijing. There is actually a German-style wine shop in the banquet hall which can accommodate about 120 people. The unique richness and sweetness of German beer really stimulate the taste buds. You can't resist its temptation and do want to experience the joy of Oktoberfest. What's more, the German traditional band recommended by the Munich Ministry of Culture comes to Beijing every June to present traditional German music.

Brand History

Combining the traditional German brewing process will bring you a different feeling.
In strict compliance with the German Beer Purity Law of 1516, water, malt, hops and yeast are used in the beer brewing process.
Every beer is freshly brewed and tastes pure.
The traditional family brewing formula in Munich, Germany, ensures the quality of the beer.
Villa Castanea Fresh Beers
Villa Castanea 's outstanding fresh beer comes from sophisticated brewing equipment, high-quality brewing raw materials and rigorous brewing technology and management. The beer can is an all-copper German beer can specially customized from Bavaria, Munich, Germany; the raw materials are imported high-quality malt, French hops and Czech yeast. In the preservation of beer, Villa Castanea also strictly implements German-style management according to the temperature and humidity required by different dark beer. Quantitative supply is strictly based on the fermentation cycle of beer, and dark beer is not allowed to be stored based on actual sales. Beer that has not been sold will be dumped to ensure the freshness and nutritional content of beer to the greatest extent.

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Tel: 010-62720130
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